Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ahhh! There's So Much to Catch Up On!

A closet is done. I know, lame. Not the closet, but that after more than a month all I have to show is a closet. But it's a nice closet. Our new walk-in super organized closet. Did I mention my husband made me this closet as a surprise? And it came out great!

But alas, there is much more going on in our house than just a bedroom closet. And I have lots of photos. But the problem is that my silly husband is a project jumper. So in just three weeks we're moving and there is nothing done yet! There's plenty of things that are almost done, or very close to be done, but not all the way done. And I want to show you done!

Our playroom is actually complete and this week I'll take updated photos and post the before/after shots. So check back in a few days.

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